Complaints and returns

Guarantee terms and Complaints
The warranty period and warranty card
The warranty period begins on receipt of goods by the customer.
The warranty period is specified for each product in its description. If a warranty card exists for given product, it is issued upon the date of sale of the product. In there is no warranty card, a tax receipt serves as warranty card.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear (or parts thereof) caused by use. Shorter product life in such a case cannot be considered a fault and it cannot be claimed as such.
For customers who use the goods for the purpose of business or trade, the warranty period is not determined by the Civil Code. In this case, the warranty period determines the particular importer of goods into the Czech republic. The warranty period listed on our web site is only for the final consumer, not for entrepreneurs who buy the goods in the course of business (purchase at ID).

In the event that a customer discovered a defect on purchased goods during the warranty period and the defect was not caused by improper use, but by a defect in the product itself, the customer has the right to claim the goods.

Process of complaint
If a customer wants to claim the goods bought in our eshop, the customer has to send the complaint in written, specifying the particular product type, serial number, sales receipt and description of the defect. Is is recommended to send a written complaint preferably by e-mail, or carry it in person to our business premises.

It is advisable to send the goods in original packaging or suitable transport packaging, because the supplier is not liable for any mechanical damage before accepting the goods. In case of a justified claim, the customer is entitled to compensation for the lowest postage amount required for safe delivery (must have proof of this transport). In the case of unjustified complaints consumer is not entitled to reimbursement of costs associated with the settlement of claims and at the same time the supplier is not entitled to reimbursement of costs incurred on its side (if it was not repeated unjustified claim and apparent abuse of consumer rights).

Settlement of a claim
Supplier or service center shall assess the legitimacy of claims for defects of goods and after assessment shall notify the customer by phone or email of the outcome of the complaint. Subsequently, the customer will be asked to pick up the goods claimed.
The deadline for settling a claim is determined by the Act No. 634/1992 Coll. and is 30 days.

Vzhledem k tomu, že v případě odstoupení se smlouva od počátku ruší, vrátí nebo nahradí dodavatel zákazníkovi a zákazník dodavateli veškerá přijatá plnění.

Withdrawal from contract
The customer's right of withdrawal
The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the contractor fails to comply with the agreed terms of delivery.
A customer who does not buy goods in a commercial or other business activity, has also, in accordance with § 53, para. 7 and § 54 of the Civil Code, the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods.
Supplier's right to withdraw
The Supplier is entitled to cancel the contract only until the dispatch of the goods, just in case of unavailability of goods or of significant changes in the prices of goods. Before the withdrawal supplier is obliged to contact the customer to agree on how to proceed.
Procedure in case of withdrawal
Given that in the case of withdrawal from the contract the contract has been void, customer has to return or replace to supplier all received performance and supplier has to return or replaced to customer all received performance.
Customer can withdraw from the contract by notifying supplier, electronically to the supplier´s email address or in written at the premises of the supplier.
Within withdrawal the customer is obliged to state the order number, variable symbol and date of purchase and submit original proof of purchase.
If the customer already received the goods, the customer is obliged to send the goods back to the supplier, where the supplier without delay examines the condition of the returned goods. Goods sent back to the supplier must be intact, undamaged, complete (including accessories and all documents, including proof of purchase).
In the case that the goods are returned to suppliers in other condition than intact, the customer is obliged to compensate the supplier the costs associated with bringing the goods in original condition and compensate the damage to the goods. Payment of such costs and damages will be settled by appropriate reduction of refunded price to the customer.

If the customer has fulfilled all the above conditions for withdrawal from the contract, the supplier shall refund the paid purchase price or part thereof within 30 days after the return of the goods. Supplier returns the amount to the bank account of the customer after signing the credit note.